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I think I have a mold issue now what?

Our services are based on 3 types.

  • Air or direct samples
  • A limited visible inspection
  • A comprehensive and invasive home inspection
Please call us to discuss your problems. Its much easier that way. Our prices are based upon your needs and time involved.

 Fogarty Inspection Services holds a certification as a state sanctioned certified mold tester. We are also Mold Certified with IAC2, and have an IAQ certification with the EPA.  Mold Sampling and mold inspections are available.  We also can provide you with help for remediation.   

Our main goal is to provide you with 3rd party documentation of mold suspected in the home. We do not benifit from any further repairs, testing or remediation.  We only assist you with finding out if you have a problem and making sure the mold clean up was done afterwards.
 Examples of a report and lab results are provided if you scroll down to the links below.



Some Facts about mold

What if I have Mold?

If you suspect you have mold the first step is to have it tested.  Don't ignore it. Mold can spread easily. You need to know what you have before you can know how to treat it. Please understand, to clean it properly testing should be done before and after to ensure what ever was found was cleaned properly.

Where did the mold come from?
Mold needs a food and water source to spread. If mold is growing in your house, you have a moisture problem somewhere. Until the moisture issue is resolved the mold will continue.

Can't you buy mold test kits at the local home improvement store?
Yes you can. What you don't realize is how inaccurate these tests are. You can not get accurate results from a cheap testing kits.  All our testing is done to standards, and care is taken so you can be guaranteed accuracy. Only qualified labs, and proper chain of custody documentation is used.

Won't painting over or wiping the mold with bleach take care of the problem. 
Painting over the mold is WRONG! The moisture in the paint can just help spread the problem. Bleach will kill mold, but only on non-porous surfaces. If the mold can penetrate into the grains, like concrete or wood, the bleach can not penetrate deep enough to kill the roots. The mold will come back. Special biocides can be used to effectively kill most molds.

How long does it take mold to grow.
Mold growth can start in as little as 24 hours.

Don't you need a lot of mold to cause health problems?
No, some people are highly allergic to certain kinds of molds. A certain strand might not affect 100 people, but it could have serious health risks on one person

How do I get rid of the problem?
Proper remediation and disposal of contaminated items are key. This usually requires removal of drywall, and treating areas with proper chemicals. 

Does your company also clean or remediate mold?
NO. Our resources are used for 3rd party verification only. Unfortunately some companies try to tell you of problems then quote you a price.  How do they know? No testing was performed. Please be weary of someone trying to sell you a clean up job. Our only intentions are to help you by providing you with information of potential problems and referring the clean up to someone else.


Fogarty Home Inspection services offers home inspections, and radon testing. I also perform mold testing and mold inspections. If you need a licensed home inspector, I provide service for Knoxville, Farragut, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Clinton, Lenoir City, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and all surrounding areas.