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I was very pleased with the job Sean Fogartydid in inspecting my first home. He took his time and was very thorough, even using pictures and thermal imaging to add depth to his review. Any questions I had were answered with his honest opinion and I really felt as though he had my best interest in mind. Thanks to him I will be making an informed home buying decision and I will know exactly what needs to be fixed. He even offered explanations on how to maintain my house so some of the issues found don't occur again. I would recommend him to anyone I know and would use his services again in the future if need be. 

D  Lewis

Sean Fogarty spends lots of time digging up the dirt on the house you are buying. He is worth the money. Beware, if you ask him a question he will answer, "Yes and no..." ;-) Overall we like him very much and will use him again if the opportunity presents itself.

                                                                                            Ann C

WOW! Sean Fogarty is one of the nicest and most honest people I have dealt with in my home purchasing process. He was very thorough in the inspection and, to my realtor's annoyance, took his time and found many things out about the house. I am so happy with his 3-4 hour evaluation of the house versus the other guy's 1-1.5 hour evaluations. I mean come on, who can evaluate an entire house in 1.5 hours?! Like my mother says, "If he didn't show up with a ladder, send him on his way!" Sean showed up with 2 and dealt with my handy-dandy do-it-yourself father like a pro. I am going to use him every time! Money WELL spent. 

                                                                                                                         Michelle D

"The inspector introduced himself when I opened the door. I received a prompt reply to my email inquiring about an inspector. He was knowledgeable of the questions I asked and I felt I received an honest reply. "

"Sean was great about stepping me through the process. He pointed out things that needed to be fixed and things that hadn't been done correctly. If I didn't understand something, he described it so I could understand. Very professional and would do business with again."

Excellent service! Quality service for an outstanding price. He did a comprehensive inspection and provided a written report speedily. I also like to support a former serviceman and in this case, shipmate ( U S NAVY!)"
Thomas L



Follow up review:

Sean we did purchase the house based on your sound advice. We appreciate the thorough job you did inspecting the house we couldn't be happier with our new home so thank you for a job well done the issues you discovered were all resolved by the home seller and we are glad we went with you as an inspector

Thomas and Kara H


Follow up review

We did indeed buy the house. So far everything is fine. We have had issues with heat/air which you warned us about so there was no big shock there!
We were very happy with your service and have filled out positive feedback on the service pro site where I originally found your services. 
We hope for contined success with your business and was a pleasure doing business with you.
Steph and John H

Did a great job! Definitely Recommend:
I would definitely recommend using Sean Fogarty for your next Knoxville Home Inspection. He did a very thorough inspection of my house and also took so much time to explain if I needed to worry about some things, or if other things were just minor fixes. He was very friendly and it is easy to see that he knows what he is talking about when doing an inspection. He will take detailed photos of your problems so that they can be shown to anyone that needs to fix them. He was even early for my appointment. I highly recommend him for your next home inspection and I will use him again when I need buy another house.
by John.

Home inspection in Knoxville TN by Fogarty Home Inspection Services.

The one for you!I called around and shopped different home inspections for the better part of a day. This would be my first home inspection and I wanted to know exactly what was going on and what I should expect. Sean exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond code standards. He took the time to explain what he was looking for and tell me how to repair what was unsafe and outdated. He was friendly and very personable. We are more than happy with the service he provided and plan on using him again!
Knoxville TN Home inspector provided this inspection.

Don't go anywhere else!I highly recommend Fogarty. Sean is throrough, professional, prompt and well priced. He was honest and upfront with everything and knew what he was doing. He's a pretty friendly guy to top it all off!
Lenoir City home inspection

This is the way to go!I used Fogarty Home Inspection Services for a home that I have built and will be moving into next week. Sean Fogarty's knowledge and skills were exactly what I was looking for from a home inspector. He was very thorough and took the time to explain exactly what he was doing and looking for throughout the inspection. Since it is a new home, I wonder if an inspection would even be necessary but I am glad I used Fogarty's. Sean found an issue with one of the furnaces that I wouldn't have known about for months! Sean had the actual report back to me the same day of the inspection and his price is very competitive. I will be recommending Sean to anyone who is in need of a home inspector from here on out. Thank you, Sean!

Home inspection in Knoxville TN

He did a great job. Found things I would have missed. Very thorough and professional. I will hire him again as I am still looking at homes.   
Glen Nelson  

"Sean was very helpful explaining issues to my husband and I. Being first time home buyers later in life, protecting our investment was paramount. Sean was very thorough and explained everything in detail. We received our report in full with summaries and picture examples of problem areas that same night!. We would reccomend Fogarty Home Inspection Services again in a heartbeat! Thanks Sean!"
Stephanie H.
 Home inspection in Sevierville TN



"Sean did a very thorough home inspection for us. His inspection report was concise and easy to read and understand. He was super fast with getting us the report as well. When the first home that we made an offer on fell through, and we were in a rush to get a new home inspected, Sean was able to do it within 24hrs for us. And, again, his work was stellar. "
Jamie B.
Home Inspection in Maryville TN

We called Sean when we wanted to purchase a home in Knoxville that was an older home. We were concerned because we were doing an owner finance home and wouldn't be getting a traditional bank inspection.

That said, it was the best money we ever spent! Sean was thorough, went over every detail, from big to small. He pointed out all the problems he found, and they were numerous! We decided to not purchase the "money pit" and continue looking.

A few weeks later, we found a home in Union County and even though we were going FHA, we decided to call Sean to protect our best interests. Again, we weren't disapointed. Sean went over every aspect of his inspection, spending a good amount of time with us.

In this day and age, it's good to find an individual who does what he says, when he says it, and represents your best interests, especially when you are making such a large investment.

I recommend Sean to anyone, buyer or seller, for his thoroughness and detailed report. It's easy to understand and the pictures back up every issue.

We are so glad we met Sean and will continue to use Fogarty Home Inspection in the future, as well and recommend him to our friends and family.

Thank you again Sean, for your honesty and thorough report.

D & D Loomis 
Home inspection in Clinton TN


(Email sent after I sent customer a Survey)

Whenever I tried to open the survey link, I got an Alert Box stating, "The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded".  I can tell you that neither Sandi or I can think of a single negative thing to say.  In fact, we can't wait to have you inspect the next potential home.  Personally, we found you extremely pleasant and personable;  a total pleasure to deal with.  Sandi & I are folks who love to have fun with life, life's situations, and life's work, and it is not only a great pleasure, but also refreshing to deal with someone who enjoys the same.  And we definately enjoyed Saturday.  Professionally, we found you to be very thorough, and your report to be very complete, professional-appearing, and understandable.  The pictures, and graphics were an awesome touch.  I forwarded your report to my dad, who has a more experience with buying and selling property than us, and he was thoroughly impressed.  So, thank you, sir, for inspecting our potential home.
Michael S. Pasierb

Home inspector provided two home inspections in Knoxville TN and Oak Ridge TN


I recently used Fogarty Home Inspection Services and I was very pleased with the service I received. Sean did a wonderful job finding problems, big and small, and was also very helpful when explaining those issues to me. He was very pleasant, easy to get along with, and happily answered any questions I had. I will definately use his services in the future and I recommend this company to anyone in need of a home inspection.

Thank you!
Bethanie Fisher

Home Inspection in Lenoir City TN

Thank You Sean.
You did a very nice job in reviewing the property and helping to protect me from many unforseen issues. Money well spent.  I am very pleased with your services. I'll let you know if I need anything else.
Best Regards,   
Bruce Boring

Thank you again for taking so much time with us and doing such a thorough job, we will definitely be recommending you to anyone needing an inspection.

Susan Broddle

This was the very first time we had used a Home Inspector, so we were unsure what to expect.  Sean came highly recommended by our Realtor, so we felt good about hiring him.  We were thrilled at how thorough Sean was!  He exposed some serious electical issues that needed our attention...and we are glad he did!  Sean was easy to work with and easy to talk to.  Even well after the inspection, he was there to answer questions.  I would suggest Sean to anyone needing a home inspection. - Deborah M. 


"Sean was the most responsive inspector I have ever dealt with. Phone calls were returned quickly, and I never had to wait long for an answer. I never felt as if I was imposing when I had an urgent need or question. Thanks, for wonderful service!" - Harlin Maxwell

Sean Fogarty is a courteous, thorough, and professional inspector that takes the time to explain in detail any issues involving the inspection process. He goes the "extra mile" and follows through with those involved with the transaction including the realtor, buyer and seller both during and after the sale of the property. Highly recommended!
Kim Douglas-Realty Executives

Never thought that an inspection would have been so eye opening. He actually did two inspections, because the first house was full of problems. It had old water pipes, and the heating unit was bad among other things.  My husband can handle smaller things, but not deal with big repairs. We just wanted to move into somthing low maintenance.  Sean found a couple of problems with the other house, but nothing like the first. He was very professional and my husband followed him around most of the time. We were very pleased with everything and we are glad we spent the money. It was worth every last penny!
Carrisa Barth

"I cannot say enough good things about Fogarty Home Inspection Services. I feel sorry for those who have to deal with less experienced inspectors. Everything was explained in a way we could understand, and we did not feel afraid the house would fall down tomorrow. Choosing Fogarty Home Inspection Services gave us a definite advantage!" - Carl and Maggie



My daughter Nichole is in the process of buying her first home. We felt the need to have a home inspection done to make sure all was okay or not okay with her future home. We had no idea who to use or how to go about it, so her realtor had suggested Sean Fogarty. She advised that she really didn't know too awful much about him but that we could call him and decide for ourselves.

We called and felt very comfortable with him from the get go. He met us at the home before doing the inspection and introduced himself to us and went over what he would be doing. He was there about four hours, as were we. I felt that he did an extremely thorough job! My daughter and I were both very pleased with his service and I must say he is very professional and a very nice gentleman. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future, nor would I hesitate to recommend him as well. He was very prompt in sending us the report from the inspection, so that made it easier to take the next step. There is no need for hesitation when deciding to call Sean Fogarty for your home inspection!

From some very happy customers,
Nichole and Jean Newberry